Saturday, December 31, 2011

to do in 2012.

1. drink more wine. i've already started this new years resolution. maybe it should be to try quality wine. not cheap, $3.97 wine. when i'm feeling rich i spend $9 on my favorite wine.. 


cupcake wine. yum. we've had the sauvignon blanc and the chardonnay.  yum again.  

2. grow my own veggies/start a garden. here's to hoping it will look like this...

lots of plump tomatoes would be lovely.
a fence full of greens.
perfect. see resolution #1.
diy garden markers.
3. run some 5K's. there are really no photos for that. maybe a photo of my brother because he keeps saying he will sign up for one with me, but never does.

i guess i could add in.. drink less diet coke.. but i always fail. ill just embrace it. 

mottos for 2012.

happy new year.

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